Welcome to the next generation of mobile payment technology. Scalable and tailored to the future of banking and transactional services.

We offer a secure mobile payment service to banks, telecommunication companies and retailers.

We handle payment communication to the bank, settlement, ensure security and real-time reporting – so that you don’t have to.

Our payment platform is compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, tablet PCs, desktops, in-store retail PoS devices and cloud servers.

We offer financial services companies and retail businesses the next generation of secure and affordable mobile payment technology.

Enable payment with a more cost effective mobile transacting solution.


Credit Card fraud is rife and rampant. We take security seriously, and what better way to be safe than to abstain from keeping card details altogether. This is why we’ve developed a cardless payment system that doesn’t need to store your personal card or bank information.


We recognise the importance of affordable technology to businesses both small and large – which is why we offer a payment solution that doesn’t break the bank or stop you from delivering convenient payment options to your customers.


No business can afford to work with unreliable payment solutions. Pushmoney uses robust technology that guarantees consistent, dependable transactional services.


Our robust technology is scalable and uses world class load balancing technology to ensure optimal settlement speed. Pushmoney’s payment platform is designed to cater for mass user adoption.

It takes a lot to be a trusted payments provider. We follow international best practice and employ a dedicated team so we stay anti-fragile, ahead of the market. Read more below about why we keep growing our user bank and clients.

We offer a secure payment processing engine, that is highly scalable, robust and compatible with mobile apps and online platforms, to process card payments and EFT.
Log in to our online portal if you are employing Pushmoney for your business, or if you are a user getting the best convenience and payment experience from our mobile applications.
We offer a complete mobile ordering technology stack, so your business can take advantage of sales from out of store with Pushmoney Mobile Ordering.
Coming soon in 2016, send, spend and earn from Pushmoney mobile person to person payment app on Apple iOS and Google Android.

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August 18, 2015

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